What’s in a name

A few names came up when I started thinking about blogging.  What to name the my site?  
Here are three that were seriously considered.  

Under the radar
About a year ago, I met a longtime friend on steps at the university’s auditorium. After we greeted each other, he asked me the following question.  “So, are you guys going to a church or are you still flying under the radar?”  I was a little stumped and for a few seconds angry.  Going to church?  Still flying under the radar?  What answer would make him happy?  He is one of the leaders in his congregation.  Nope, mmm, still flying under the radar”  “Oh”, with a hint of disappointment, was his reply.  Pleasantries followed and each went his own way.  That evening I spoke to Anette about it.  I was angry.  It bothered me.   We follow Jesus.  We are visible to Jesus.  We do not need to go to a congregation to have value and purpose.  Perhaps I felt labeled.  I don’t know. 😕

We talked to friends about it and along the way it became a way of referring to ourselves.  We started to use it as a slogan of sorts.  “We, flying under the radar, love Jesus.”  Ha-ha.  Then we started to tease one another.  If one of my friends would come for advise, I would say, “why are you coming to us? We are under the radar.  Perhaps you should go to the “above radar” people. 🙂 It is now used as a common joke in our circle of friends.  But still, it is a very good description of how we are perceived and that is fine with us.

Life in oncoming traffic
Try to live in a town that is very religious.  Our university developed out of the Theological School of the Reformed Churches in South Africa in 1869.  Lots of conservative Christians.  Then, try and explain when somebody asks you  “to what church are you going?” that no, we are not going someplace.  We believe we are the church with all the other believers. 🙂 You can actually see people’s brains trying to comprehend.  Oh, you are one of those??!!  Then I put on my explaining face and tell them about the past 20 years and how we came to this point.  I usually try to go out of my way and accentuate that we do not believe other people should do the same as us, or that we believe we are on the right track.  This is usually met with relief.  But usually it will be us doing the explaining.  Next time, after I’ve explained, perhaps I should ask why they go to a congregation? 🙂 For us, it’s life in oncoming traffic.

Uncertain Certainness
During the past 6 years of getting to know Jesus AGAIN, we discovered something about God.  Life with Him is not really this “planned-out life”.  He does not give us a sense of certainness.  What I mean is that although He becomes a Certainty, all other things become less certain or perhaps just less important.  What will happen tomorrow?  I don’t know, but I do know that He is there.  I need Him.  All that I need is found in Him, but that does not mean that I will have a life that makes sense all the time.  He does not give guarantees, except perhaps, that He will be with us always.  I always believed that when you come to Him, He will give me direction and a specific purpose.  Something that I can work on.  A vision.  A mission.  Something I could explain to people e.g. “My ministry is this or that”.  Or perhaps something like “God put it in my heart that I should care for the poor people.”  This has disappeared.  I try to cling to Jesus and see what flows out of that.  I now have purpose and function, but I cannot tell you what it is.  I can only point to Jesus.  Explaining becomes difficult.  Words are not enough.  All I know is that now, we have this Life of uncertain Certainness.

 I hope to write about the hope in Windblown Hope in the next 2 weeks.  Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “What’s in a name

  1. Hi Erin,

    yes Uncertain Certainty was my first choice until about a week before I started blogging. Ha!! Then the Wind started to blow and everything changed…:-)

  2. Nice post! I relate. I actually think “under the radar” is a positive – I think God has so many people in a hidden place right now – a company of people He is preparing. Although it has been a difficult and at times lonely journey, I am so thankful to be on it. I sense that from you as well, and I look forward to reading more!

  3. Your story about “Under the Radar” is funny, because as soon as people find out that we’re not attending church, the radar actually zooms in on us! The *best* way to stay under “the radar” is to faithfully attend church every week so no one notices you! But that’s a whole different ball of wax…

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