The love of God (part 1)

I’ve read a lot of books, blogs and articles.  This could be one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

Brennan Manning gives this glimpse out of His life.

I felt like a little boy kneeling at the seashore. Little waves washed up and lapped against my knees. Slowly the waves grew bigger and stronger until they reached my waist. Suddenly a tremendous wave of concussion force knocked me over backward and swept me off the beach reeling in midair, arching through space, vaguely aware that I was being carried to a place I had never been before—the heart of Jesus Christ.
In this first-ever-in-my-life experience of being unconditionally loved, I moved back and forth between ecstasy and fear. The moment lingered on and on in a timeless now until without warning a hand gripped my heart. I could barely breathe. The awareness of being loved was no longer gentle, tender, and comfortable. The love of Christ, the crucified Son of God, took on the wild-ness, fury, and passion of a sudden spring storm. Jesus died on the cross for me!

What more can we say?


4 thoughts on “The love of God (part 1)

  1. He used to sit in my windowsill and play flute to me, sent me a bird on the clothes line every morning, or took me for a daughter/Father horseride in the glorious green mountains. Let me soar on eagle wings lifting my spirits. Or just sit with me at night before I go to sleep, talking about what bothers me, what I think. Very much me in the center – but loved to the point that the ember of my spirit bursted into a scorching, commonsense-defining flame. For my Lover, who always walked on my left side…And His eyes, gentle, fierce, kind, boring, blazing in an undescribable accepting love…

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