A new beginning

Usually towards the end of the year and the beginning of another we take time to reflect on what was and what is coming. 

For me personally 2007 was a good year.  We had the privilege of making new friends and got reacquainted with some old friends.  Actually, it was as if they’ve never left.  My wife finished her first year studying as a CA.  She enjoyed it a lot.  Our kids are growing up to fast.  I have no idea how to stop it. 🙂

For some of my friends 2007 was not a good year.  One of our lady friends had to make peace that she would probably never have children.  One friend’s wife got cancer.  A few months later his dad was also diagnosed with lung cancer.  Another friend had 2 operations to remove cancer growths.  Other friends take their struggles into next year.  Loneliness, health and children are all part of their struggles.  But none of us know what next year will bring.  We have hope that 2008 will be a better year for all of us.

During the past month I’ve listened to a lot of preaching of people who know God’s plan for the future.  They are sure of what’s to come.  They have it all together.  They have the answers.  Some of them are my friends.  That’s why I listen to them.  I struggle with the certainty of a plan.  I struggle when friends come to me, proclaiming to have all the answers.  The Plan involves a lot of doing.  It involves movement.  “This is God’s movement”, they proclaim.  Look at the fruits!  We will win this town/city/country for God.  It sounds a lot like me a long time ago.  What happened to me?  Is my faith wavering on the eve of what God is doing?  Why is there no appeal for me in the plan….in certainty?

Probably because uncertainty is no longer the enemy.  Doubt is no longer this “thing” I have to fight with.  Nothing can separate us from God, doubt included.  We’ve gotten glimpses of Jesus that we’ve never seen before.  If we had to change the world, how would we do it?  Well He did it and He never seemed in a hurry.  He stopped to talk to widows.  He let a prostitute wash his feet.  He allowed tree climbing people to interrupt His life.  He ate with the wrong people.  People came to Him at night with all sorts of questions.  He was kind and gentle.  He did not even have a home!  How could a homeless Man change the world forever?  What authority did He had?  He had friends, but they fell asleep when He needed them.  He washed feet.  He did not throw stones.  He forgave again and again and again.  He told stories.  Sometimes He left listeners with more questions.  What kind of a God is this? 

Is He the God we want?  Or is He an offence to “how things should be done”? 

In 2008, many of us will speculate what plan God has in store for us.  This plan we envision, will have specifics.  Stuff like where, what, when and how.  Take those 4 words away and what do we have left?  WHOM.  Our Whom is a Person called Jesus.  The Hope of our lives as well as the Hope of the world. 

My prayer for everybody that reads this blog is that you will not find God’s plan in 2008.  Instead, I pray that you will find Jesus in His completeness. 

“What makes God laugh? People who have plans!” Anon


One thought on “A new beginning

  1. Man, I can’t believe I just now found your blog. I am glad I did though. I have had a similar experience with the stages of my spiritual growth and I can look back (or listen to others ) and see how wrong i was , how presumptuous I was when I had this fresh zeal and a few scriptures memorized and I would bludgeon any one who would stand still for it. How things change huh? Isn’t God amazing?

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