When I am weak (part 2)

Yesterday, I talked about the cross and strengths.  This post is a continuation of that.  Unfortunately there are people that give me the creeps inside the church and this post is aimed at a select few in the church today.  It’s going to sound angry.  Sorry, but this can be put under ranting. 🙂 And as always, I am generalizing.

For those who are strong in self-discipline, self-control, willpower, determination, purpose, reason, explanation, rationalization, resolve, doggedness, revelation, perseverance, urgency and resolve, I have a special message for you. 

The cross is NOT something that you can “make” happen.  It is NOT a place where you can “just” come and lay down your live because you choose to.  It is NOT a place where you can put up the good fight.  It is NOT a place where you are an example for all to follow.  It is NOT a place where you can give easy answers. 

So please stay away from people that are struggling.  You have no idea what they are going through.  And if you are near them, keep your trap shut.  You are on holy ground. 

For most of you, moments of the cross is a bump in the road.  Something that you overcame.  It did not lead you to trust in the Father, but it served in making you stronger.  You used what God has given you, and it paid off.  You are now an example to be followed.  You came through.  Be like me, is your motto.  And you use the words “JUST” and “ALL” a lot, as if everything is as simple as what you’ve experienced.  “JUST pray more.”  “ALL you have to do is to trust the Father.”  “JUST ask God for more faith.”  “ALL you have to do is to praise God more.”  “ALL you have to do is to let go of the past.”

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the following picture?  We have a lady.  Let’s call her Joanne.  She is beautiful.  She is married to a wealthy broker.  She does not have to work.  She has a good figure because she goes to the gym daily and she has a personal trainer.  Her 3 children are quite bright.  They go to one of the best private schools in the country.  Her eldest, a daughter, is thinking of becoming a doctor.  The second, a son, is very good at athletics.  And her third, also a son is enjoys the piano a lot and is academically gifted. 

Now we have a second lady.  Let’s call her Vicky.  Her husband does not really have a regular job.  Mostly a handyman, but he tends to drink a lot.  Vicky never recovered her figure after her 3 children.  She works in a bar.  Her eldest, a son, decided to drop out of school.  The second, a daughter, struggles with her weight and is not popular at school.  Her third, a son, is generally a happy child, but a little on the “slow” side.  Vicky is a little depressed.  Recently she started to go to church.  When possible, she attends a small group.

Joanne and her husband look after the welfare of the small groups in the congregation.  They visit different small groups to determine what kind of help is needed.  One evening, Joanne visits the group where Vicky attends.  Vicky finally has enough courage to share her struggles.  After listening to her, Joanne turns to her with the following words.


All of us struggle at the cross, but not all of us die there.  Some have been gifted with inward strength and has used that strength to escape the cross.  Maybe it is only me, but I find easy answers of the escapees insulting. 

Moments of the cross are NOT something to be bypassed.  Moments of the cross are NOT a nice idea.  Moments of the cross are NOT a place for the successful.  

So when you draw near to a person who is struggeling, take of your shoes be quiet.  God is busy. 


6 thoughts on “When I am weak (part 2)

  1. I wish I had written this!You have said it so beautifully. I used to be one of these people until a disaster of life came my way and ground me into powder. Best thing that ever happened to me, if painful. Now I have no answers, only blind trust in God. Now when someone is hurting, I can only sit with them in their suffering, knowing sometimes there are no answers.

    Thanks for having the courage to write this!

  2. Great stuff again. I guess that woman’s response is a manifestation of a Church that in many areas has been unwilling to lay down and die – it’s very ugly, and it always affects the most hurting of us.


  3. To Elle, Sue, Maria and Becky

    Thank you for the complements. I struggled to get this message out(of me)for a long time. I’m glad that the right words came along.

    thank you again

  4. Great post. It is so easy to bypass the cross when things are going good in our lives, its like we almost forget the cross is even there until we have nothing else left to cling to.

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