Question 3

If we are outside the “current move of God”, does that mean we are screwed?


4 thoughts on “Question 3

  1. What if there are multiple currents? I happen to believe I’m part of a current movement initiated by God, but totally under the radar of mainstream Christianity… (We tend to limit God so much, and in arrogance too, as if what He’s doing in our sphere is the only thing He’s doing. God’s doing lots of different stuff with lots of different people in lots of different regions. I don’t think there is one current.

    But if there is just one current, and it truly is the “move of God” or I prefer “movement of God” – it is His movement toward us to always seek greater reconciliation/intimacy with us, and with everyone (including those who don’t have a clue about Him yet). In that way, it is nearly impossible to be outside the current “move of God” since He’s on the move constantly pursuing humanity. 🙂

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