DEEP theology

The shack” is one of those books.  If you do not find God in that little book, I would suggest that you stop looking at mountains, waves, trees, sunsets and people(and lots of other stuff), as a revelation of God.  Of course we can dissect it page by page, paragraph by paragraph, word for word, letter by letter and then list all the stuff that is not to our liking.  Do that and you will miss out.  But don’t worry, you won’t know that you’ve missed out 🙂

One of the problems people have with this book is that God the Father is represented as a female.  It’s just to much for some of us.  It’s not correct doctrine.  Horror upon horror!  “We, the defenders of God, will tell people not to read it.”  Do that and you will miss out.  But don’t worry, you won’t know that you’ve missed out 🙂

My opinion is – God the Father is male.  He revealed Himself to me as a Father.   He continually refers to Himself as a Father.  Jesus calles Him, “Father”.  Having said that, I firmly belief the Holy Spirit to be female.  In Hebrew the Holy Spirit (Ruwach) is written in the feminine form.  Who better to prepare a bride than….. well a Female?  Then there is Joh 3:5  that says “I am telling you the truth,” replied Jesus, “that no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit.”  The Holy Spirit can be gentle and She can be fierce.

However, I want to take you to the beginning.  That’s right,  the very beginning.  Look at this verse.  Genesis 1:2  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  Now close your eyes.  Listen to the voice.  Wait for it…

“Look at this mess!! Do something with it!” 🙂


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