Get Me out of here!!

Yesterday I read a post and about four sentences stayed with me during the night. I have to blog about them. The post is from John Frye and the title is “Jesus goes postal“. The four sentences?

 When the Temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, I can hear God shouting, “Get me out of here! I am the God for all the nations. No exclusion from Me.”

Get Me out of here!!  That was our feeling when we left the organized part of church.  I need to breathe!  I am being suffocated by this claustrophobic little space.  There is a whole world full of God out there.  What am I doing in here?  There is so much to see, hear, feel taste and smell.  God has left the building 2000 years ago and guess what?  We are back in it.  Jesus said:  “I send you OUT into the world.”  The God-life is to be found outside.

Of course many of us carry this small, narrow-minded, inflexible, shallow, uptight God inside of us.  We walk around blissfull in our small self-centered worlds, thinking that what we know and experience is enough.  I can hear Him shouting.  “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!”  Will we let Jesus rip away the curtain in our lives and let a wild God go free?  What will happen then?

I don’t know, but we might just find out that He has always been out there, waiting with open arms.


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