Question 4

Is Jesus enough for us, or do we need more?

For His sake I have thrown everything away; I consider it all as mere garbage, so that I may gain Christ – Paul


4 thoughts on “Question 4

  1. I used to think that all I needed was Him and it was pure bliss. Then one day He stepped aside and withdrew His Presence from me and said, “Now you need a Father.” I didn’t want one, I told Him I wanted Him and Him alone, but He told me that He died to give me not just a hope and a future, but a Daddy too. But the “feeling” of loneliness was too much to bear and so I sought out that thing that I was afraid of, an exposed relationship with a Father I didn’t not trust, want or love.

    Now I do have the Father and I couldn’t exist without His tender love 🙂

    But I do understand what you were meaning 🙂

  2. Hi Tyler,

    with me it was the other way around. I met Father first. Then after about 12 years met Jesus. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Then Jesus showed me the Father all over again. Go figure.

  3. It does happen that way too — while counseling believers I have found that it is often very much dependant on your upbringing. People with great dads just tend to cling to the Father immediately and those who don’t avoid Him as long as possible. Of course, that isn’t a rule lol.

    I think it is also harder for men to come to grips with the whole bridal thing sometimes. But in any event we sure need ALL of Him, them, whatever 😉

    Sometimes I tell guys, “Hey if I can be a son then you can be a bride.” rofl

  4. Is Christ enough? – indeed He is, by the way have enjoyed looking at your Blog, much of the writing is very challenging and inspiring, I grabbed one of your posts the other day (acknowledgeit).

    Is Christ enough? Indeed He is, and when I see Him in others, now, now that’s a different story!!! Blessings.

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