God City

Heather at “A Deconstructed Christian”  wrote a post called “Going to the next level”.  This is what she wrote. 

I’ve decided. I’m going to the next level in God. I’m going to be empowered by an incredible, enthusiastic, visionary leader and take this city for Christ. I’m going to be a vibrant, passionate, charismatic believer who takes excellence seriously. I’m joining a vibrant, contemporary, growing church with a powerful message that impacts the world and has a vision statement that involves loving life, loving people and loving God. I’m getting connected to a small group that will move me into that next level and take me into the unknown, teaching me to drink that living water and walk by faith. I have a vision for this nation, I’m going to see revival sweep across this land.

Before you say anything, please read the whole post here

The part that stayed with me was this sentence.  “We’ll take this city for Christ.”  It’s a sentence that I’ve heard a lot during the past 6 months and it’s definitely been around since I said it 20 years ago 🙂

Then a thought hit me over the head.  How would a town/city look like when it’s been won for Jesus?  What kind of a town would it be?  This could be fun.  What do you think a town/city would look like, if it’s been won for Jesus? 

I’ve never tagged people before but I am going to on this one.  The rule, write about it and tag at least two other people.  I’m going to tag a few more fellow journers. 

Before I give it a shot, let me begin to say that this is very difficult for me.  It seems I can only think in cynical and sarcastic ways about the question.  For instance, what will the city decide to do if relatives come to visit who are not Christians?  What will the rules be?  Will there be rules for the visitors?  What about gay people.  Will they all be celibate?  Will they have to be?  Or will they be “cured”?  What about the leaders.  Will they please everybody?  Or will the whole population submit to the decisions of the leaders?  Will there be any leaders?  Will there be rich people?  Will everybody work hard?  What will the working hours be if we are content with what we have?  What about cars and pollution?  Will there be car accidents in such a town?  What about illness?  Will everyone be healed?  Will there be professional sport?  Hip-hop music?  Will everybody be nice?  Will children listen to their parents and will teenagers have high morals?  What denomination will everybody be?  These are some of the questions that keep on bugging me.  So, what do you think a town/city would look like, if it’s been won for Jesus?  (For me it’s an impossible question, but I am going to take up the challenge.)

In my town…everyone will know that we are fallen and broken.  The environment will be sopping wet with grace, grace saturated, grace drenched and flooded with grace.  In short, it will be so grace-logged that people will struggle to move past each other.  Neighbors will know each other.  Really KNOW them.  People will be encouraged to be real.  Real laughter.  Real friendship.  Real crying.  The people will think of the consequences of their actions.  The wellbeing of the environment will be significant.  Recycling is a given.  The strong will live for the weak.  There will be time.  Words like hurry, rush, urgency, speed, dash and fast will only be found in a forgiveness context and not in everyday busy-ness.  Having said that, the X-games will be a monthly feature 🙂  People will be given freedom to do what they want. (This is not a problem because we will want what the Father wants.)  There will be enough freedom to walk away from it all and enough love to welcome the wayward back.  The city will be known for the love between the people.  Lots of people will leave because they want to share what they know to be a reality.  Problems will be met with humility and seen as a way to get closer to the Father.  Money will not be an issue.  People will not be grouped.  No longer will there be a thing such as a singles group or a group for divorced mothers.  Men will love their wives and serve them.  Orphans will have fathers and widows will have someone that fixes the radio or the plumbing.  No old age homes.  We will not be afraid of dying.  Worship will be a way of living not just something you do with your mouth.  People will be known for who they really are.  No longer will we need the mask.  People’s worth will be the Fathers love for them.  I can go on and on.

I did however not give practical answers.  I did not really answer any of my bugging questions.  Perhaps you can.  What do you think?

I’m tagging Heather because she is the inspiration for this post. 

I’m tagging Barb because she reads my stuff.

I’m tagging Grace because her name says it all.

I’m tagging Erin because she loves conversation.

I’m tagging Jeff because he has written half of the posts I’ve wanted to write.

I’m tagging you 🙂


13 thoughts on “God City

  1. This is so great. I just read this to my daughter and we are both sitting here stunned that NO ONE ever actually asked this question.

    I read down to your answer but I haven’t read it yet. I want to answer first and then read yours. Thanks

  2. Hi Barb,

    it hit me as well. I sat there thinking. What the hell 1s being said when people say they want to win a city for God? Do they have any idea of what they want? The only comparison I can find in the Bible is this sentence. Genesis 11:4 “Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”
    I know I am cynical, but I do not think the human race and for that matter christians know our condition fully. What we touch have a tendency to turn into shit, especially if we want wonderful good things to happen.
    To love God en being loved by God is not enough for us. We want to conquer with our effort. We “need” a city or a town to show God that we are worthy of His attention. We need the affirmation of effort to be loved. In short…we need to SEE results.

  3. That’s a very good question. (Found this on Heather’s blog, BTW.)

    If no one went out to spread the Good News and everyone stayed in one place, it’d be a very boring place to live, IMO. Why? Because–chances are–everyone would subscribe to the same doctrine. But if everyone went out, then the town would be empty for lengths of time (and so would churches (institutions) because everyone would be busy being the Church (Christ’s worldwide body of believers)). On the other hand, towns and cities would become Dominionist (everything must be Christian and run by Christians), and, IMO, that is wrong. Christ said his Kingdom is not of this world. Paul wrote that the Kingdom of God is within us–in other words, it’s already here, in the hearts of believers.

    The only comparison I can find in the Bible is this sentence. Genesis 11:4 “Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”

    And you know what happened with that experiment. God put an end to it. *nods* (Of course, in Acts, in the Upper Room, I believe that it was reversed, so the 120 could go out and spread the Gospel using the various languages of the world at that time.)

  4. My post is up here.

    It’s a great question, Abmo. I’m not sure if my answer is just simplistic, but it seems Shelley’s mind is working in the same direction. I didn’t read anybody’s comments/blog answers before writing mine either, BTW.

  5. If I took this city for Christ (Albany, Western Australia) – the things I will be doing to heritics will not be funny. Johann Tetzel will look like a Choir girl!! You just wait as soon as I’ve got the monopoly for Jesus around here, things WILL change!!! Ohhhh, gotta go, someone’s knocking on my door.

  6. I thougt about it a bit more…the type of house you would have, wouldn’t matter, in fact, I think, nobody will own a thing of their own – everything belonging to everybody, looked after, cherished, handled responsibly. You would always quickly find a drive to somewhere. Maybe everybody would walk anyway. Stop at every person they meet, because they would know one another experiencially and just stand there and talk. Everybody would be known for the things they are good in. No evil reports of any one would exist. When somebody is hungry and without money, somebody else will show up with food because he/she listened to the still inner voice. No social prejudice, i.e. the black guy would not be looked upon as a potential thief, the white guy would be sneered at as an ‘apartist’. Respect for persons will be the order of the day. Evil will not be tolerated and will not exist (can’t even really picture that in my mind, i.e. no evil thought crossing any mind). So there…

  7. To Fred – thanks for putting your $.02 in. I need all the money I can get. 🙂

    To Jeff – my time, your time, sheesh, Ever read “Thief of time” by Terry Pratchett? Thanks for your input.

    To Shelly – I too believe Jesus reversed the “let’s build a tower” idea. He sends us out.

    To Heather – thanks for getting us all thinking. Please, don’t stop.

    To Barry – thanks for your post. Hell on earth? I can’t wait to visit your city. 🙂

    To Saroné – I long for that day.

    To Mark R – I am afraid already. Please don’t burn me and I can only stay underwater for a minute. 🙂

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