Is this us? (part 4)

“The great tragedy in life is that most people spend their entire lives indefinitely preparing to live.”  Paul Tournier


2 thoughts on “Is this us? (part 4)

  1. Could be, If life is seen as perfection in Christ which will only be completely true when Christ returns finally.

    But if it simply means, living your earthly life hear on earth, I do not care. ;-).

    I think most people making that statement, had some break in life, or was one-dimensional focussing on achieving only one thing in life. Like climbing mountains, or finding a cure for cancer, or being very rich etc. So they seem to be living there lives to the fullest, while those simply living their daily lives to the fullest with what they have, and being multi-dimensional are seen as failures.

    I have a life only I can live, for somebody else to live that life is and will be impossible. So for anybody to make that statement without standing in my shoes are both arrogant and ignorant.

    Agreed, there definitely are things I would like to be different, and still hope it will change. And there are things I can do differently, or persue harder, but that means giving up things I simply am not willing to give up.

    And if I do give them up, and make my persuit in life singular, and become successful, what does that give me?

    The right to state the aformentioned qoute. That is it.

  2. Hi Christo,

    you need to blog again. Even Job when he sat there had a lot to say. Yes, he bitched and complained but he never kept quiet. 🙂

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