Still here

Just to say I’m still here.  We’ve had a long weekend and I think I have a bout of melancholy (as in a gloomy state of mind).   Sometimes the overload from all the christian stuff around me is to much,  and as I’ve said before, the internet does not help.  (One thing we do is to make the simple life not so simple, me thinks.)  Anyway, when I’m gloomy-ish, I tend to be terribly sarcastic.  Yesterday I left a comment at Out of Ur that was not approved.  Perhaps I offended the critics?  I think so.

Oh well, I’ll be back.  Perhaps tomorrow.  I’ve started to write about friendship and tried to explain our current friend-status and how we met the people currently in our lives.  It’s gruelling exercise because my memory is crappy at best.  (I’ll ask my wife.  She probably knows the dates and what the people were wearing 🙂

Please pray for us.  Time is not always on our side when there are so many people that needs to be loved.


2 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Hi Mark R,

    Thanks for the prayers. It happens from time to time and it usually happens when I am not happy with myself. There is so much to do and so little time and I am NOT a great user of time. I can nothing for hours 🙂 Luckily I know that God is patient with me. If I was Him, I’d smacked me around a little bit 🙂

    thanks again

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