Jesus gave His life.

When we talk about Jesus, we always come back to the fact that He died on the cross.  We usually end up saying that He gave His life away and we always say that in connection to His death.  What about while He was living?  I think that while He was alive He gave His life away.  He didn’t have any stuff to give to the people around Him, thus He only gave what He had and that was Himself.  Nowhere in the New Testament do we read that He gave away money or opened his home to people or that he gave away a blanket.  The only clothes that He gave away was while He was hanging on the cross.  Of course He did not giveany stuff away, because He did not have any.

I think He showed us in the christian life what is the most important “object” to give away.  Ourselves.  Most of us have material posessions(stuff).  Some have more than others.  We always fret about how much of our stuff should we give away to the Lord’s work.  A lot of christians give away 10% of what they earn.  Some give more, others less.  A lot of debating goes on about this, but the bottom line is that our stuff is a lot of the time the focus on what to give away.  But we should give away ourselves.

In that way, all of God’s children are equal potentials.  The rich guy do not have more than the poor widow.  The clever do not have more than the not-so-clever.  The talented do not have more than the not-so-talented.  Anyone of us can hold a hand.  Anyone of us can cheer.  Some of us are struggeling to make ends meet and we think that we are useless in the kingdom of God.  We can harldy help ourselves, how can we help other people?  We can still give ourself.  Some of us have a lot and give a lot of stuff away and are contend with what we give away.  The stuff definately helps those who do not have, but if we do not give ourselves away, we are missing the living of Jesus.

We, our lives is enough to touch the people around us.  When we have nothing, we are still enough to be God’s instrument.  When we have everything, we are still enough to be God’s instrument.  Person touching person is where life happens.


2 thoughts on “Jesus gave His life.

  1. The talk is changing – moving from definning who we are – to what can we do, and you’re reminding us just being thee is pretty important – I agree!!!

    BTW – All Blacks defeated
    RE Email: Psalm 51

  2. Hi Mark,
    when it comes to doing, only some of us are involved. “Being” includes everybody.

    I saw what happened to the All blacks.

    RE Email: thanks

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