How to USE scripture.

I’ve been listening to sermons the past year and it always amazes me how you can link verses, spread over a thousand years, to shape a presumption.  Then we are told, that when we follow the rules of the presumption, we will get the desired results.  We use scripture to confirm what we believe.  So a thought occured to me.  What is the worst use of scripture I have ever seen?  There are quite a few, but I won’t mention them, because I have friends who believe in them.  I definately also use scripture to “fit” me.  Mmmm.  How about I conjure up my own worst use of scripture?  It was a challenge, but I think I did it.

I decided to prove that the following fable of Aesop is found in scripture. 

The Tree and the reed.

Well, little one,” said a Tree to a Reed that was growing at its foot, “why do you not plant your feet deeply in the ground, and raise your head boldly in the air as I do?”
“I am content with my lot,” said the Reed. “I may not be so impressive, but I think I am safer.”
“Safe!” mocked the Tree. “Who shall pluck me up by the roots or bow my head to the ground?” But it soon had to repent of its boasting, for a hurricane arose which tore it up from its roots, and cast it a useless log on the ground, while the little Reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.

Here goes.

Gen 9:3  Now you can eat them, as WELL as green plants; I give them all to you for food.
Mat 26:73  After a LITTLE while the men standing there came to Peter. “Of course you are ONE of them,” they said.
Isa 53:7  “He was treated harshly, but endured it humbly; he never SAID A word.
Eze 31:11  so I have rejected it and will let a foreign ruler have it. He will give that TREE what it deserves for its wickedness.
Gen 28:11  At sunset he came TO A holy place and camped there.
Isa 42:3  He will not break off a bent REED nor put out a flickering lamp.
Est 9:4  It was well-known throughout the empire THAT Mordecai was now a powerful man in the palace and WAS GROWING more powerful.
Gen 35:17  When her labor pains were AT their worst, the midwife said to her, “Don’t be afraid, Rachel; IT’S another boy.”
Job 39:15  She is unaware that a FOOT may crush them or a wild animal break them.
Joh 8:43  WHY DO YOU NOT understand what I say?
Lev 25:3  You shall PLANT YOUR fields, prune your vineyards, and gather your crops for six years.
Exo 40:31  Moses, Aaron, and his sons washed their hands and their FEET there
Pro 12:18  Thoughtless words can wound as DEEPLY as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal.
Jdg 15:19  Then God opened a hollow place IN THE GROUND there at Lehi, and water came out of it.
Luk 21:28  When these things begin to happen, stand up AND RAISE YOUR heads, because your salvation is near.”
Gen 28:18  Jacob got up early next morning, took the stone that was under his HEAD, and set it up as a memorial.
Act 9:28  And so Saul stayed with them and went all over Jerusalem, preaching BOLDLY in the name of the Lord.
Psa 107:26  The ships were lifted high IN THE AIR and plunged down into the depths.
Amo 9:7  The LORD says, “People of Israel, I think as much of the people of Ethiopia AS I DO of you.
Lam 3:7  He has bound me in chains; I AM a prisoner with no hope of escape.
2Co 12:10  I am CONTENT with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and difficulties for Christ’s sake.
Gen 24:8  If the young woman is not willing to come WITH you, you will be free from this promise. But you must not under any circumstances take MY son back there.”
Pro 29:22  People with quick tempers cause a LOT of quarreling and trouble.
Gen 20:5  Abraham himself said that she was his sister, and she SAID THE same thing.
Mat 12:20  He will not break off a bent REED, nor put out a flickering lamp. He will persist until he causes justice to triumph,
2Co 9:3  Now I am sending these believers, so that our boasting about you in this matter MAY NOT turn out to BE empty words. But, just as I said, you will be ready with your help.
2Co 11:19  You yourselves are SO wise, and so you gladly tolerate fools!
Pro 30:29  There are four things that are IMPRESSIVE to watch as they walk:
Job 6:30  BUT you think I am lying— you THINK I can’t tell right from wrong.
Gen 9:12  As a sign of this everlasting covenant which I AM making with you and with all living beings,
Phi 3:1  In conclusion, my friends, be joyful in your union with the Lord. I don’t mind repeating what I have written before, and you will be SAFER if I do so.
2Sa 7:1  King David was settled in his palace, and the Lord kept him SAFE from all his enemies.
Heb 11:36  Some were MOCKED and whipped, and others were put in chains and taken off to prison.
Dan 4:22  “Your Majesty, you are THE TREE, tall and strong.
Gal 3:11  Now, it is clear that no one is put right with God by means of the Law, because the scripture says, “Only the person WHO is put right with God through faith SHALL live.”
Ecc 3:2  a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to PLUCK up what is planted;
1Sa 28:15  Then Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing ME UP?”
Job 28:9  “Man puts his hand to the flinty rock and overturns mountains BY THE ROOTS.
2Ki 17:35  The Lord made a covenant with them and commanded them, “You shall not fear other gods OR BOW yourselves to them or serve them or sacrifice to them,
2Sa 13:13  How could I ever hold up MY HEAD in public again?
Act 22:7  I fell TO THE GROUND and heard a voice saying to me, ‘Saul, Saul! Why do you persecute me?’
Mat 13:6  BUT when the sun came up, IT burned the young plants; and because the roots had not grown deep enough, the plants SOON dried up.
Lam 2:14  Your prophets HAD nothing to tell you but lies; Their preaching deceived you by never exposing your sin. They made you think you did not need TO REPENT.
Gen 10:20  These are the descendants OF Ham, living in their different tribes and countries, each group speaking ITS own language.
Psa 75:5  I tell them to stop their BOASTING.”
Mar 8:12  But Jesus gave a deep groan and said, “Why do the people of this day ask FOR A miracle?
Psa 57:1  Be good to me, God–and now! I’ve run to you for dear life. I’m hiding out under your wings until the HURRICANE blows over.
2Ch 30:27  Then the priests and the Levites AROSE and blessed the people, and their voice was heard, and their prayer came to his holy habitation in heaven.
2Ki 23:12  The altars WHICH the kings of Judah had built on the palace roof above King Ahaz’ quarters, King Josiah TORE down,
Mat 13:49  IT will be like this at the end of the age: the angels will go out and gather UP the evil people FROM among the good
Job 14:8  Even though ITS ROOTS grow old, and its stump dies in the ground,
Est 9:24  Haman son of Hammedatha—the descendant of Agag AND the enemy of the Jewish people—had CAST lots (“purim,” they were called) to determine the day for destroying the Jews; he had planned to wipe them out.
Gen 2:3  He blessed the seventh day and set IT apart as A special day, because by that day he had completed his creation and stopped working.
Job 35:16  It is USELESS for you to go on talking; it is clear you don’t know what you are saying.
Mat 7:3  Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the LOG in your own eye?
Lev 11:41  You must not eat any of the small animals that move ON THE GROUND,
Dan 7:8  WHILE I was staring at THE horns, I saw a LITTLE horn coming up among the others.
2Ki 18:21  You are expecting Egypt to help you, but that would be like using a REED as a walking stick
Mat 11:7  While John’s disciples were leaving, Jesus spoke about him to the crowds: “When you went out to John in the desert, what did you expect to see? A blade of grass BENDING in the wind?
Gen 47:26  So Joseph made it a law for the land of Egypt that one-fifth of the harvest should belong TO THE king. This law still remains in FORCE today. Only the lands OF the priests did not become the king’s property.
Job 37:21  And now the light in the sky is dazzling, too bright for us to look at it; and the sky has been swept clean by THE WIND.
Gen 27:2  Isaac said, “You see that I am old and may die SOON.
Gen 37:7  Behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and behold, my sheaf arose and STOOD UPRIGHT.
Gen 38:5  AGAIN she had a son and named him Shelah. Judah was at Achzib WHEN THE boy was born.
Exo 9:24  a heavy hailstorm, with lightning flashing back and forth. It was the worst STORM that Egypt had ever known in all its history.
Gen 1:31  God looked at everything he HAD made, and he was very pleased. Evening PASSED and morning came—that was the sixth day.
Psa 45:6  The kingdom that God has given you will last forever and ever. You rule OVER your people with justice;

And there you have it.  The fable of the Tree and the reed can be found in scripture.  Of course the fable has a moral lesson.  “Obscurity often brings safety”.  My lesson would be “Pro.16:18  Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall. ” 

p.s. I wanted to use the story of the three little pigs, but it would have been the longest post in the history of mankind.  Aesop’s fables are not as long.  And to think…I only used three different translations to get the story I wanted! 🙂


9 thoughts on “How to USE scripture.

  1. Brother, you’ve got too much time on your hands :-).

    Loved it, of course! What is sad is that this is just about the extent that some people will go to in order to “prove” their theology is the “correct” way to think.

  2. This is AMAZING!!!!
    You deseve a medal!!! or the Tri Nations Cup!!!

    I agree with you strongly about presumption and combined with ignorance from some sitting in pews, those who prefer to be spoon fed, a most destructive weapon for growth and discipleship.

  3. To Anette,
    yes I had a lot of fun. Perhaps too much 🙂

    To Vestaoikos
    Yes, it does make anything possible, especially if you want to show how much God likes you over other people. We will always misuse the Bible to show that “I-and-those-that-believe-the-same-as-I-do”, are more special than others.

    To Tracy,
    I have time on my hands, because my wife is studying and I am not allowed to go to bed before she can :)You are right, it is sad how we misuse scripture, but the underlying reason is not always correctness. It’s to be special in God’s eyes.

    Hi Mark R,
    Thanks for the medal, but I would like for South Africa to win the tri-nations, thank you 🙂 It’s going to be an uphill battle. I’ve found that a lot of spoon-fed people in the pews prefer ignorance. That way, we are safe from any mistakes. If we do not do anything, perhaps He will leave us alone, because there is no telling what might happen to us if discipleship happens 🙂

  4. Hmm…

    An example that was given to me on how Scripture can be misused to promote almost any belief…

    “Then he threw down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself.” Matthew 27:5

    “And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”” Luke 10:37

    The Bible is a dangerous thing in the hands of those who wish to manipulate and control others…

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