The most dangerous words

20 years ago, when I was a radical for Jesus, I prayed a prayer and it contained, I think, some of the most dangerous words a person can pray to God.  During this 20 years, I’ve thought a lot about them.  Would I change the words of that prayer?  No, I would not.  Not for a million years.  But I do caution young believers about them sometimes.  You know, don’t pray for something and when it happens, come back complaining 🙂 I of course, being radical or whatever, blundered on and never thought the words through.  Perhaps that a good thing, otherwise I may have never prayed them. 

All of us have prayed dangerous words.  I would like to know what yours are.  These are mine.

Father, here I am, do with me what You want.


18 thoughts on “The most dangerous words

  1. Just a few weeks ago some friends and I were discussing this same thing. One of the prayers we had all prayed at some point or another was this one:

    Lord, break me.

    I don’t think I need to say anything else on that!

  2. Hi Barb, glad to hear your voice. It’s funny that these dangerous words usually put God in charge. And then we have to hang on for Life. Mmmm, I can blog on that last sentence 🙂

  3. The most dangerous “Do whatever it takes to bring me closer to you”. Nothing happened. I am not closer and I take back the prayer now. Now my prayer is “Are you real? If so why does it seem like your not there?”

  4. “You are the potter, I am the clay – make me, mould me….” That was quite dangerous but the most prayer who had the deepest impact was: “Show me how You feel about Your children, give me your heart,Your compassion” Let me just say, it ruined me for social work 🙂

  5. Hi Barbara, we cannot always take back what we asked. Perhaps God doesn’t want to do “Whatever it takes”. Perhaps “whatever it takes” will crush you. Perhaps God loves you to much to do “whatever it takes”. I don’t know. Those are dangerous words indeed.

    On your second prayer. What you are asking is a journey from believing to faith. Also a dangerous journey. Believing is based on doctrine and what is seen. Faith involves trust and what is not seen. In this journey you can sometimes feel helpless. It’s OK. You may doubt. That’s OK. This is your story and your journey and the words are being written as you stumble along. Tell us about it.

  6. Indeed – here I am in Oz, missing family, friends, traditions and the places of my youth, the deeper my roots form here, the less chance I have of returning home. But I choose freely to come and to a nation of great wealth not like many who through drought, war, etc don’t just come they are fleeing from something, and don’t arrive in Nations as welcomming as Australia.

  7. My most dangerous prayer was more an attitude of always saying ‘Yes, Lord’ and allowing His Spirit to crumple me, or whatever, whether in private or in public. I don’t say ‘Yes, Lord’ so easily these days. Image and all, you know 😉 (wink-wink).

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