The journey and the movies

During the recent holidays, we saw a couple of movies. One of them was Wall-e. I did not like it that much. I can watch the same movie over and over and over again, if I like it a lot. Wall-e I think, will be a one-timer for me. Perhaps once more on DVD 🙂 One of my friends, Christo, however liked it a lot and wrote this about what he saw in the movie.

One of the things that happens in this movie, is that these huge airships are build for people to go on a five year holiday in space while robot’s clean up the earth. And an added benefit is the “air-chairs”. Which means granny can go with you anywhere you go because the “air-chair” moves around by itself.  Now THAT was the original idea with the chair. But this chair eventually becomes the centre of everyone on the ship’s existence. Eventually everyone is in chairs, overweight, unable to move. When someone falls out of his chair, robots need to put him back in.

Eventually they stay in space for 700 years and you know what got lost? The original idea for the chair. Everybody simply accepted that how things are done now is how it is suppose to be, nobody questions it, they simply accepts it. Until one lady looks beyond the little screen in front of her and her whole world changes. Suddenly she realises there is a world out there, there are actual things to see and enjoy, and then another guy, and together they enjoy the swimming pool for the first time in 700 years!!! She actually says “I did not know we had a swimming pool”, while the pool is huge and they sit next to it everyday!!

It made me realise the danger of tradition, comfort and becoming too attached to something. (read the rest of his post here)

I have to agree with Christo. Tradition has a slow manner of making us comfortable and dims what we experience. Like the small screen, we let the comfort of “what-is-known” in front of us, make our lives small.

The movie I liked a lot was Kung Fu Panda. Already seen it 3 times 🙂 He dreamed of something bigger than what he was currently experiencing. He made a choice without knowing where it will lead him. His journey frequently led him to where he was out of his depth. He thought his Kung Fu was OK, only to discover. “There is now a level zero” He desperately wanted to be somebody else, only to find out “there is no secret ingredient.” The journey is the same for those who chose to leave the organised part of church. We do not know where it will lead. We find ourselves out of our depth. We thought we knew something about Jesus, only to find out.” There is now a level zero.” We look at the relationship others have with God and wish we were more like them, only to find that God made me, to be me.(See Tracy)

His master also had a problem. The methods used to teach his other students, did not work with our panda. What we always depended on, do not work now.

There so much we can take out of the movies. Sometimes we can come out of the theatre only to praise God and thank Jesus that we cannot repay Him for His awesomeness!!!


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