Worship Music – Help!!

When it comes to worship music, I’m mostly still stuck in the late 80’s.  I love the hossana/integrity albums that came out during that time.  I listen to Keith Green,  Rich mullins,  Vineyard,  Robin Mark, John Michael Talbot, Michael Card, Don Francisco,  Philip, Craig and Dean, Rivertribe and a few other albums and songs here and there.

I’m looking for new praise and worship music.  It must be simple.(After listening to the song for the third time, I want to be able to sing along.)(No more than 5 guitar chords, preferably 3.)  Not alot of “me” and “I” in the lyrics.  They have to mention Jesus by His Name.(“You” doesn’t really work for me.)  Do we still get music with the above criteria? 

It seems to me that praise and worship got much more professional, since we left the organised part of church.  The music seems so…..how shall I put it?…… “just the thing“, for the past few years.  Maybe it’s just me. 


How about it, can you help me?  What do you listen to?


5 thoughts on “Worship Music – Help!!

  1. Right now, I can’t even listen to the music. To many associations – I used to be on the praise and worship team of the church I left. Hmm… no. Can’t do it. Sorry, there is nothing I could honestly recommend right now. 😉

  2. Hi Katherine, I’m sorry. Luckily worship is a way of living every moment of the day. Music is only part of it. I’ll pray that the music will return to you.

  3. Oeeee brother, was those not the GOOD TIMES!!. I remember us sitting in the “stasie huis” worshiping on those songs.

    I go into every music store hoping to find those music again, it really bubbles in me.
    “Praise and glory, wisdom and thanks, honour and power and stength,
    Be to our God, forever and ever”

    I can not remember how many nights I fell asleep with those words in my ears.

    “Raise the trumped in Zion, Zion, sound the alarm of thy holy mountain.” or something like that.

    I miss that. We were innocent, we were in love woth each other and with our Lord. It was perfect.

  4. Hi Christo, it was perfect. I miss the innocence and the fierceness of our love for God during that time.

    “Praise and glory, wisdom and thanks, honour and power and stength, Be to our God, forever and ever”

    Amen to that.

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