Is this us? (part 5)

Brant is blogging again.  Yeah!!

Sometimes I read a sentence and suddenly all the gears in my brain goes….”click”.  I think all of us have this experience.  While reading Brant’s blog this centence jumped out and nearly stopped all the gears in my head 🙂

I’m merely asking you to feign human attachment, forging a temporary and shallow emotional connection, in exchange for the promise of goods.

Is this how we approach God?


3 thoughts on “Is this us? (part 5)

  1. Hi there. Thanks for your comment(s). Things have been pretty crazy…we’re actually moving this week, not a huge move – just to a different (nicer) house in our same neighborhood. I’m hoping to resume blogging once we get settled. The summer has been full of ups and downs for me, lots of downs…haven’t been feeling great. But the last couple weeks I’ve been feeling better. I am woefully behind on my blogreader (some 300 posts to catch up on?) and of course I haven’t blogged in ages. But I will. I will.

    Thank you for checking up on me and for your prayers. I appreciate it so much. 🙂

  2. I believe that is what a lot of charismatics and pentecostals (at least from my own experience) do. Sadly, not even realizing that is what they are doing because it is what has always been do and it is what is taught. sigh.

  3. Hi Heidi, I’m glad you’re doing OK. Strongs for the moving and enjoy your new home!!

    Hi Katherine, the part that got me was the “forging a temporary and shallow emotional connection, in exchange for the promise of goods” Translation: I’ll fake friendship in order to get as much out of You as possible.

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