Words from the journey

I have a friend, Christo, and he talks about the lessons he learned(or not) along the way.  I love the following 2 paragraphs.  I think he has a lot of wisdom for us on the journey.

What is unknown to me is not unknown to God. Yes I know you have learned this in grade 1 and never forgot it. But I am starting to believe this: That I do not have to understand the situation to enter into it, that sometimes, well most often, understanding the situation is irrelevant.

It seems that the situation was created for me to find God there, not to solve it, not to understand it, not to learn something form it, just simply to find the Lord there. And He is there!! This is an amazing discovery for me. Venturing out in faith does actually mean just that!!  No guarantees, no security, no hope, just the PROMISE that God is there too, and He can be found there.

You can read the rest here.


4 thoughts on “Words from the journey

  1. Christo

    Klink vir my na ‘n “double bind”. Dis lekker om jou vir ‘n boetie te hê!!

    Kyk!!! Ek het my neus in julle 2 se sake gesteek!!! – of is dit nou blogs? Sorry lief, ek kon die versoeking nie weerstaan nie1

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