This and that and leadership

Sorry for not posting the past week.  Sometimes computers break down or the electricity goes down or the server burns down and sometimes all three happen at once 🙂

Brant talks leadership as in “LeaderMan vs. Servant Leader” and I think he has it spot-on.  So what’s the difference between the two?  Here is his words. (I’ll highlight my favourites.)

Servant Leader:  Has something to say
LeaderMan:  Wants a platform on which to say something

LeaderMan:  You almost feel you know his family, because he’s your Leader
Servant Leader:  You allow him to influence you, because you know his family

LeaderMan: Wants you to know he’s a Leader
Servant Leader:  You’re not sure he knows he’s a leader

LeaderMan:  Loves the idea of the Gospel, and the idea of The Church
Servant Leader: Loves God and the actual individual people God brings across his path

LeaderMan:  A great speaker, but self-described as, “Not really a people person.”
Servant Leader:  Makes himself a people person

LeaderMan:  Helps you find where God is leading you in his organization
Servant Leader:  Helps you find where God is leading you

LeaderMan:  Gets together with you to talk about his vision
Servant Leader:  Just gets together with you

LeaderMan:  Resents “sheep stealing”
Servant Leader:  Doesn’t get the “stealing” part, since he doesn’t own anyone to begin with

LeaderMan:  Wants the right people on the bus
Servant Leader:  Wants to find the right bus for you, and sit next to you on it

Servant Leader:  Shows you his whole heart
LeaderMan:  Shows you a flow chart

LeaderMan:  A visionary who knows what the future looks like
Servant Leader:  Knows what your kitchen looks like

LeaderMan:  If it’s worth doing, it worth doing with excellence
Servant Leader:  Not exactly sure how to even calculate “worth doing”

LeaderMan:  Talks about confronting one another in love
Servant Leader:  Actually confronts you in love

LeaderMan:  Impressed by success and successful people
Servant Leader:  Impressed by faithfulness

LeaderMan:  Invests time in you, if you are “key people”
Servant Leader:  Wastes time with you

LeaderMan:  Reveals sins of his past
Servant Leader:  Reveals sins of his present

LeaderMan:  Gives you things to do
Servant Leader:  Gives you freedom

LeaderMan:  Leads because of official position
Servant Leader:  Leads in spite of position

LeaderMan:  Deep down, threatened by other Leaders
Servant Leader:  Has nothing to lose

And from Daniel Partin in the commentaries:

Leaderman: talks about an open door policy
Servant Leader: is an open door

I enjoyed Brant’s post a lot.  So, what are your favourites and what can you add to these?


4 thoughts on “This and that and leadership

  1. I have met one such leader, and I have the priveledge of being married to him!! All the following applies:
    “You’re not sure he knows he’s a leader”
    “Loves God and the actual individual people God brings across his path”
    “Helps you find where God is leading you”
    “Just gets together with you” – no results expected
    “Wastes time with you” – no time limitation
    “Gives you freedom”
    And all these are applied, not only to me and our children but to so many other people in our lives, without any pretense, or even expectations that people should respond with personal change.

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