Question 10 + 11

These questions were triggered by Barb‘s latest post.  You can read it here.

What bothers me is the tendency of people standing up in church and then say stuff like “God is going to do a new thing“, or “God is going to do a big thing” or “God is going to do a new big thing next year” or “God is going to bless the next generation“, or “Soon, God is going to pour out His blessings in an unprecedented way“.  etc. etc. This seems to go on year after year after year after year after …

These then are my questions…

Does this mean, what God is doing NOW, is not good enough?


Do we have any idea what God is doing NOW?


7 thoughts on “Question 10 + 11

  1. Fantastic post! This is exactly the problem – a perpetual living in the future, and missing the present. Also, I think these hyped-up words serve to kind of innoculate people from when God *actually* wants to speak an important prophetic message to the body. So it’s completely counter-productive! 😦

  2. When I hear pastors and leaders make such claims I hear this instead:

    I want to do something different so I’m going to tell you it was God’s idea so you will go along.

  3. Thanks to everybody that responded. I think, the tendency to say that God will do better and greater things in the future is devastating to the church. It says to us that God can do better than He is doing now. I agree with Mark. If I want to do something big, I tell you it’s God’s next big thing. That way you will see me as a visionary. Yes Katherine, it creates an atmosphere of performance and faking because “God in everydayness” is not good enough. Sarah, the hyped-up words does inoculate us to what God is doing in the present. It ensures that we don’t have to deal with God now and hope that He will impress us a little more in the future.

    I know I tend to be cynical when it comes to this stuff, but we miss the subtleness of God and to me that is very, very sad.

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