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About 2 weeks ago, a lady, Andrea Pouliot contacted me and asked if they could put one of my posts(Be more than you are (Becoming real) on their website.  She and one of her friends, Kimberly Lisowski, wrote a book together called The Apple You Were Fed.  In the comments she said the following…

We expose our every misconception to allow readers to see the carnival cut-outs (masks) we lived behind, the ladders we climbed, the sin list we compared others to… We have put ourselves out there to share this life-changing message. We do not teach it, but rather show our embarrassing journey to freedom.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  I’ve not read it yet, but my copy is on the way.  Have you read it?  If not , check it out.  Perhaps God is waiting for you in those pages 🙂



Another author, Jim Robbins came by a few months back.  His book’s title is Recover Your Good Heart.  This from the first chapter:

We say people can come into the Kingdom through grace, but once they’re in, we switch from grace to duty, obligation, and pressure. Though we preach that you can’t contribute a thing to your own salvation and that it’s all God’s gift for you, once you’re “safe” however, you’d better keep up and step up.

What happens when your quality of life depends upon the correct judgment of a professional whom you believe to be trained and capable, yet you discover he has given you the wrong “cure”?

So, is there a cure?  You will have to find out for yourself 🙂

Both books are available at amazon.


2 thoughts on “Check it out

  1. Abmo,
    Would you mind putting my newly published book: “Orphaned Into Belonging” up on your website as well?

    Walking In The Spirit

    See the left margin, below my photo, on my blogpage. There will be an image of OIB. Click on it, and it will bring you to the Lulu site where you can also read an excerpt. Oh, and feel free to purchase a copy if you’d like!

    ~Amy 🙂

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