A cure for the church?

I love the church, but we have strayed very far from being the bride of Christ on earth.  We are self-centred, love power and like to look down on people.  Add to that, the fact that that we are not really known for loving of each other.  Now we all know that God’s kingdom is and upside down reverse type of realm and because of this, I believe I have found a cure for the church.

This is what I believe we should do…
We should go out to the hospitals and ask the sick to pray for our healing.
We should go to the poor and ask them to take care of us.
We should go to the atheists and ask them to pray for our unbelief.
We should go to the jails and ask the inmates to free us from our own small confinements and the ones we’ve created for God.
We should go to the vagrants, panhandlers and beggars and ask for their help.
We should go to people who are gay and ask them to teach us tolerance.
We should go to other denominations and ask them to break our walls.
We should go to our enemies and ask them to teach us about peace.
We should go to Jesus, to show us God.

What do you think and more important, what can you add?  Will this help us or not?


2 thoughts on “A cure for the church?

  1. Once again You have come up with wonderfully inspired concepts… At the risk of spoiling your humility in writing, by a meanial (virutally worthless) comment… Me thinks the only thing to say (for the moment) would be that…
    Your “should” (s)… could well be “MUST”..

    Keep up the good Prayer life… Gods Army needs Soldiers like You Sir…

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