Question 12

If we stop talking/blogging about “Emerging“, “Emergent“, “Missional” and “Post-(anything)“, will we then talk/blog about Jesus?

If you think that this is a stupid question, look at the christian blogosphere the past 2 years.  What is the culmination of all we’ve talked about?… and no, it’s not Jesus.


9 thoughts on “Question 12

  1. Jesus is central on my blog. I don’t think I’ve ever used the words “emergent,” “missional” or “post.” I’m very familiar with all those terms, and I’ll use them in their proper context with the proper audience. However, my blog is not geared in that direction. I understand what you are saying, but could it be you used a very wide brush to paint a very broad picture?



  2. Hi Jim, yes, I used a wide brush to paint a broad picture. A lot of individuals do blog about Jesus, but the christian blogosphere of which we are a part, do not always. I could have added lots of topics, but those 4 are starting to get on my nerves 🙂

    I’ve looked at your blog and I love it!! Good luck with your book.

    God bless

  3. I’m so bored with the discussion now. I think it was necessary, and necessarily messy. But yeah, maybe time for us to move on to more interesting subjects like Jesus 🙂

  4. Funny thing Abmo. When I blog about missional kind of topics or things about the craziness of the Apostolic group I get lots and lots of comments. When I blog about Love I only get 2 or 3 usually. It significantly drops off to where I was surprised when I noticed a trend. It is tempting to write about what people want to talk about because then you feel validated in the writing. The sad thing is I am just like this on others blogs. I tend to leave a comment on the argument/discussion type posts and not on those that are encouraging me to walk as Jesus did.

  5. Hi Barb, the same with me. I think it’s because we are still under the rules(right and wrong) and not in Life(Jesus). We still believe we can argue people towards God. Add to that the fact that the internet is so vast with millions of voices and viewpoints. We will probably never stop arguing 🙂 I think we will lose the NEED to argue, only when we begin to understand who He really is.

  6. Seems to me like a classic example of losing sight of the forest for the trees. We create a label attempting to describe something legitimate God may be showing us…and then get so focused on the label that it starts to take on its own characteristics and culture, becomes its own movement, even becomes a fad to some…and the point is lost on many. Before long, the very thing that should have centered us more on Christ becomes a distraction from Him, and we have to distance ourselves from that thing, and simplify once again, and focus on Christ again.

  7. Let’s look at those words from a Biblical point of view. Mark 16:15-20 tells us to “preach the good news.” This is our mission to evangelize, to share the good news with those who don’t know it. It’s purpose is to reach outside the four walls of the church.

    “Whoever believes and is baptized” reaches that “emergent” generation who are just emerging from the strongholds of the world. Without reaching and baptizing the next generation, the Church could actually cease to exist in one generation.

    “These signs will accompany those who believe.” This is known as training people in their spiritual gifts and helping them to mature in Christ.

    Finally, we read that “the disciples went out.” This is when leaders are released to go and plant new works, invent new ways of reaching out and preaching the Gospel, and starting the process all over again. Jeff McQ is right. Too often we lose sight of the forest because we’re too busy reading the signs that describe the tree.



  8. Hi Jim, yes I also agree with Jeff. What is disappointing is how quickly Jesus is moved out of the way. We jump from new thing to old thing to new thing. We end up with a post-post-post-post identity that is post- again in 2 years time. And while we are wondering in which post-era we are living in, Jesus the Hope of the world, is buried under all our talking. We are no closer to our neighbours when we know what missional, emergent, post-emergent, post-missional, post-evangelical etc. means. No, we get close to our neighbours by being their friends and giving our lives up for them. And I do mean the guy next door, literally. Not the idea of him/her/them.

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