It’s about Jesus

In my last question, I’m wondering if Jesus is central in our lives?  Is He the One we are beholding or are we making man made movements the center of our daily thoughts?  Something like that.  To illustrate what I am trying to say, I’m going to post something one of my friends wrote.  Perhaps, at this point,  I should say that  I’m not a mystic.  Well, some days I am 🙂 This friend is definately more of a mystic than I am.  He captures something of what I want to say.

What about incredible Truths
Ever heard these type of truths declared?
Jesus Christ is not just gentle, He is gentleness.
He is not just kind, He is kindness
He is not just a peacemaker, He is peace
He is not just truthful, He is Truth

What does it mean to be ‘ALL in ALL’ because that is what Jesus Christ is. He is the embodiment, the visual Image of God, everything that God is, is displayed in Christ. Every truth, every thought, every action ever taken or Spoken by God has been realized/materialized/SUMMED UP in Christ.

And that, all of that is in EVERY Christian that ever lived and that ever will live. And that includes every one alive today.
The Moon, is not the Moon, Jesus Christ is the Moon
The Sun, is not the Sun, Jesus Christ is the Sun
The ocean is not the ocean, Jesus Christ is the ocean
Mountains are not mountains, Jesus Christ is the mountain

When Christ becomes all in all, when we see Him as the all in all, the pictures (mountains,oceans,fish,every kind of animal) are replaced by what they represent and all of represents the same Person….Jesus Christ.

Words never had a chance at describing the glory that God IS. So pictures (worth a million words) were used to in some way capture the beauty (a sunset), glory (the stars/galaxies), kindness(sheep), fury(horse/wild animal/storms/waves), humility(a dog), vastness(the stars/galaxies) of an indescribable God.

This can be the focus this can be a livelong endevour…to know Him. To know Him in the pictures, to know Him in fullness. He and He alone satisfies every thought of God. Think of God in any way and Christ comes into picture. That is God’s design, that is God purpose: for Christ to be ‘ALL in ALL’. Everything in Everything.

He is the coolness of the eveing breeze, he is the calmness of the ocean, he is dryness of the desert, the abundance of the Amazon, the colours of the birds.
He is the ALL in ALL.

We know not Who we know.  We know the thoughts of God….Jesus Christ;
We know the reason for creation…Jesus Christ
We know the love of God…Jesus Christ
We know the purpose of life…Jesus Christ

“Of Me through Me and to Me are all things”.

O God, that we may take everything as from You and know everythings comes through You, and everything returns to You.

If Jesus is the beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, why look for another beginning, why fear the end?

Knowledge of God can strenthen your faith, but knowledge can never create faith.
If Christ is All in ALL, He is also….faith.   by Christo.

I’m not here to debate if what he said is theologically correct, but Jesus seems to be the focal point, wouldn’t you agree?

You can also read his next post “Loving God and Need“.  There is a lot to digest.


3 thoughts on “It’s about Jesus

  1. This is just beautiful. As for theological correctness – the essence of the Godhead seems to flow inbetween the cracks of the Bible. It’s not capturable in a few doctrines. It’s why the world can take what is being said in that book and create the monster that we have trailing behind us. That always amazes me.

    This, this is much more Eastern thinking. I can’t help but wonder how different the world would look in the West if we had not allowed ourselves to be fragmented to breaking point.

    He is in everything, holding the world together, right down to the atom (or is it the molecule? I get them mixed up. One of those things contains within it elements which shoudl quite rightly repel each other and not be able to be contained together. And yet something does.

    Thanks for posting, Abmo 🙂

  2. Hi Sue,
    it’s the atom and inside it are the protons with a positive charge and they stick together 🙂

    I can’t help but wonder how different the world would look in the West if we had not allowed ourselves to be fragmented to breaking point. Me too.

    God bless

  3. Hi Nestus, mystic? me?, if I am one, I am definitely not a good one. I simply believe, our inner walk with the Lord, bear more fruit.
    Can you see what happens inside a tree while it grows? But you can see the fruit.
    I think there is a definite reason why nature hides the visual workings of growth in all living things, in all things only the fruit of that growth is visible.
    It is an invitation 🙂

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