Please pray

If you have the time, please pray for South Africa.  We have our elections tomorrow and we are standing shaky ground.  The ANC will win this election, but “the how far” is the problem.  A two thirds majority gives them the opportunity to change the constitution and that will be a slippery slope for our country.

I don’t know if you follow events in our country, but the last year the ANC shifted towards all the things that give Africa a bad name.  It’s not so obvious, but all the signs are there.  Here’s a cartoon to give a better picture 🙂

(Click x2 for bigger image)sa-election-rhetoric3

Thanks for praying!!


Back from holiday

Acktually, we’ve been back for a week now.  We were such a long time away that we had to acclimatize when we came back 🙂 We went a little place called Leisure Bay in the Kwazulu-Natal Province.  It’s mostly a tropical type of climate.  (Look at the pictures.) Here on the Highveld the climate is a lot drier.  We had a wonderful time.  After a week, our friends joined us.  We played games, swam and ate a lot!! 

I’ve mentioned before that I love clouds.  Well, I like waves more 🙂 I never get tired of the sea.  Here are some pictures.


Enette, looking like bit like a gypsy.


Laura, if you give her half a chance, she will become a surf-bum. 


The view from the balcony.


The backyard


Late afternoon, Pieter and Enette playing in the sand.


The family

The following 2 pics are from a place called Splash Rock in Port Edward.  You can taste the salt in the air.  We went there 4 times just to sit and watch the waves and eat ice cream!!



That’s me, getting some sea water. Oh crap, here comes another wave!!

It’s good to be back, but I want to go back to the waves as soon as possible.  Love you all.

On holiday…again

We have these good friends that asked us to go on vacation with them.  Then a week before we were supposed to go, the lady of the holiday home phoned and said that nobody booked the first week of the holiday and we could go for that week for free!!!  In about 3 hours we organized everything and…we are on holiday.  We live in a three bedroom house about a 100 metres from the beach.  We’ll post pictures when we get back.  Love you all.