Question 13

What struck me about the people around Jesus is that the worse they felt about themselves, the likelier they saw Jesus as a refuge.  Peter could not wait to get to Jesus after he betrayed Jesus.  A prostitute entered the home of a Pharisee to wash the feet of Jesus.  That is a pretty hostile environment for a prostitute.  The down-and-out were never afraid to touch Jesus and always tried to be close to Him.

My question then is this:  Do we(the church) have the same effect on people?


2 thoughts on “Question 13

  1. I just finished listening to the series from Danny Silk on raising kids and he makes the very same point but asks the question, “When our kids really mess up/sin/fail, do they feel they can come running to us for refuge and safety or do they have to hide from us?” Therefore how do we create a relationship with them that they will do this instead of run the other way knowing we will yell at them, demean them, punish them or make fun of their poor choice? How do we train them from a young age that we will be the safest place to head towards when they have messed up? What do we teach them about the Father’s heart when we create a place of fear instead?

    His answer to this was what made his book/series invaluable to me and showed me truly the heart of the Father towards me when I sin.

    • Hi Barb,

      I think I will have to listen to Danny Silk as well 🙂 I would love it if we(the church) could show the Father’s heart to those around us. We could joins hands and run towards Him together!!

      thanks and God bless.

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