One of the best studies I’ve ever came across is by Neil Carter, called “Free at last”.   It is a study of Galatians and I consider it one of the most important pieces ever written on freedom in Jesus.   We read it at presicely the right time and it gave words to what we felt at the time.

With his permission, I’ve put it a PDF document.  Download it, read it and study it.  Do it slowly.  Take your time.  It’s brilliant.

Free At Last

Here is an abstract.

But by far the most significant thing about these two lists is that Paul calls the activities of the flesh “works,” while he calls the activities of the Spirit “fruit.” What is the difference? Only the difference between two completely different worlds! If there is one word which describes how the flesh operates, it is the word “works.” What we need to realize is that most of the things we have been doing for God are works, rather than fruit.
Did you know that the flesh wants to serve God just as much as the Spirit? Only the Spirit does it because the Father wants it, while the flesh does things for God in order to look better.

Neil also wrote a book called Christ in Y’all.(There seems to be a recurring theme.) It can be bought at amazon,

I hope it will have the same impact on you.  God bless.


2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Abmo, this stuff from Neil Carter on Galations is awesome. You’ve got a knack for picking up on some great material.

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