Give yourself

Seems like I’m still in the “giving” theme.  This quote comes from Juan Carlos Ortiz.

Now we must make a concrete application. When we speak about love or anything else in the Bible, we must be specific, or it is like sewing without first making a knot at the end of the thread. You can sew and sew and sew, but things stay the same as they always were. Sometimes we even try to sew without any thread at all—just the needle. All we do is make little holes. But the garment stays torn because we don’t take specific steps to conserve our gains.
God does not say, “Love your neighbors.” You cannot love the whole world. He says, “Love your neighbor.” So take one person, one family. Start to pray for that family. Start to look for their problems, their needs—spiritual, material, psychological, all kinds of needs.
Don’t go to them with a tract; you will look like a sales-man. Go to sell yourself. Go to give yourself to them. Let them know that you love them, and give your service to them.  We had an older lady in Argentina who, as she put it, “could never win a soul to Jesus.” (Actually, we don’t believe in winning souls; we believe in winning the soul, body, and spirit—the whole person.) She had been in the church many years. But one day the Lord showed her His Love. She understood that God didn’t send a tract from heaven; He sent His Son, who came and lived with us and healed people. He helped us and shared with us.
The woman decided she could do the same thing.  In front of where she lived was a house for rent. As soon as the new people arrived, she was prepared. She went over with coffee and donuts and said, “I’m bringing you something to eat, because I know you’ve just moved, and you don’t have things ready for cooking yet. I’ll come back later to get the dishes—don’t bother to wash them, because I know you’re busy.  “And by the way, if you want to know about the grocery store, it’s at such-and-such a corner ….” She didn’t put a tract under the donut. She just brought the food and gave them help.  After awhile she came back to get the dishes. She said, “If you need something else, I’m here. If you want anything, I’ll be glad to help you.”
She never preached about Christ. But a month later the whole family was baptized because of the light she had brought them.  Jesus didn’t say, “Let your mouth speak before men in such a way that they may hear your nice words and glorify your Father.” He said, “Let your light shine”—your love!


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