I’m watching a little bit of the Olympics.(Next time I’m going to take 2 weeks leave and watch until my eyes begin to resemble squares.)

One thing I’ve noticed is the difference of the attitudes between the short distance athletes and long distance runners.  The short distance athletes are more arrogant.  People make a lot of fuss about them.  They walk the walk and talk the talk.  It’s almost like they are saying.  Look at me.  I’m going to dazzle you.  Leave you speechless.  When I’m finished everybody will love me.  There’s a spring in their step.  There a buzz in the stadium.  Almost everybody knows who Usain Bolt is……but the 5000m, 10000m and the marathon runners?  A polite wave to the crowd and thats about it.  Not alot of fuss.  Why don’t they have the same arrogance or even greater display of superiority?   They run a lot farther.  They know more about endurance.  But the world, it seems, has a greater affinity for the quick.  USAIN BOLT IS THE FASTEST MAN ON EARTH!!!  Yes, but only under 400 metres.

This got me thinking……..what kind of person exites the church?  The flashy, charismatic and the fast or the more endurance inconspicuous type of people?  When you think along those lines, what happens when you put the quick and the fast in charge of the distance and vice versa?  There is certainly a place for all of us in the church, but I believe we also tend to gravitate more to the “flashy”.  It’s kind of natural for us.  But perhaps, we should look around us and also find the quiet endurance brothers and sisters.  After all, they know something about running for a long time 🙂


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