The people formerly known as …

The one thing that bugs me as a librarian about the internet is the temporality of it all.  Here one day, gone the next.  (I will have to do something with my blogroll.)  Sometimes you read something that is valuable to you.  Actually it is more than valuable.  It forms you.  It becomes part of you.  God spoke through a stranger and you heard the King of the Ages vibrate in the words.  Sometimes, the wisdom of fellow wanderers are staggering and their intimacy with God like sunshine on a cold morning.  Some of us shared our grief and struggles and those reading found out that we are not alone in our pain.

But unfortunately it is on the internet and it could be gone tomorrow 😦

One of the series that came from the blogosphere was “The people formerly known as …” It started with Bill Kinnon and spread from there.  It is slowly starting to disappear from the internet and I thought I would like to prolong some of the posts in the series.  Especially those that meant a lot to me at the time.  So, I collected them and made a PDF document that you can download.  I believe they are still relevant and perhaps we can read them together 🙂

The people formerly known as …PDF


Thanks to Bill Kinnon, Lyn Hallewell, John Frye, Brother Maynard, Barb Peters and Heidi Daniels for your journeys.


2 thoughts on “The people formerly known as …

  1. Thanks so much for reposting this. I often wonder what/who are the voices out there today saying what still needs to be said. This was a dear group of people who helped me so much in my journey out of my pain. Thanks to them and you!

    • Hi Barb, it was a wonderful time for me as well. I think most of us blogged to get all the thoughts and questions out into the open. To find out we are not alone. But what we went through is still relevant to a lot of people today. Hopefully we can be there for them as well. Thanks to you also for the journey thus far may we keep going till the finish line 🙂


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